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When You Need Something New to Amp Up the Energy at Home in Kent, Use Your Noodle

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

a mother and daughter working out together at home It will be exciting to see the community participating in virtual workouts!

Macaroni Kids in Kent Offers Virtual Child-Friendly “PE Workouts with Joe” for Parents Looking for Stay-at-Home Movement Options for Everyone in the Household

When your kids are bursting with pent-up energy this winter, both you and they need a release that doesn’t break the bank -- or the furniture. Consider the library of “PE Workouts with Joe” featured on Macaroni Kids. Creative and funny, Joe leads anyone who dares through short, easy to do videos planned to get heart rates up and the giggles going.

  • Navigate to Macaroni Kids and search for: 

Virtual Event Get a Workout with Your Kids at Home

Everybody can get their wiggle on and have fun with the engaging Joe and his goofy and good-for-you routines.

  • Date and time:        February 3, 2021

9:30 am

Let SERVPRO of Kent do the heavy lifting when your business needs to “pump it out” and dry your commercial building during flood cleanup. Phones answer year-round, 24 hours a day at (253) 850-1500. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Who Wants to Create a Game Night Heirloom for Their Tukwila Family?

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

a cribbage board SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing the beautifully crafted cribbage boards the community will make!

Craft an Extra-Large Cribbage Board at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware - Tukwila

Nothing beats a spirited game of cribbage, especially when the pegging circles a beautifully handcrafted, one of a kind board made right here in Tukwila. Rockler Woodworking has the materials, tools, and step by step instructions, along with great and supportive instructors. We provide the hardware and supplies needed to complete a high-quality cribbage board -- you bring the enthusiasm.

  • Date And Time:     Saturday, January 23, 2021

9:30 am – 12:00 pm

  • Location:        Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

17326 Southcenter Parkway

Tukwila, WA 98188

  • Cost:            $75

Register through Eventbrite Tukwila

Engage the regional water mitigation leader with one call to SERVPRO of Kent at (253) 850-1500. Your family room water loss will be only a memory when the cribbage tourney begins after our crew plays its hand. We come to work, not to play!

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General: SERVPCS911LE

Do Mold Removal Companies in Tukwila Vary in the Services They Offer Businesses?

12/27/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing behind a cabinet Mold can remain hidden for quite some time before you smell or see it. Contact our certified technicians to root out the cause and remediate.

SERVPRO Uses Research-Driven Best Practices as a Leader Among Tukwila's Leading Mold Removal Companies

Tukwila is a suburb of modern-day Seattle, located directly to the south of the city. Because it aligns near many waterways, railroads, interstates, and two regional airports -- King County International Airport - Boeing Field and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport --Tukwila supports much commercial activity within its boundaries. Although the city's residents currently number a little more than 20,300, many workers and consumers travel to the suburb daily, increasing the area's population during production work and business transactions exponentially.

Who Historically Lived in the Tukwila Area?

It probably comes as no surprise that the same topographical features that make Tukwila attractive to 21st-century residents and businesses encouraged a robust pre-contact habitation of the same areas by indigenous peoples. The Duwamish were among the earliest people known to live along the Black and Duwamish river banks. Evidence exists that places them in the Tukwila area since the ending of the last glacial period, approximately 10,000 years ago. Historians note two distinguishable groups affiliated with the Duwamish tribe. Each group still retains cultural and ethnic diversity:

  • The People of the Inside, associated with Elliott Bay
  • The People of the Large Lake, now known as Lake Washington
  • Both groups tell stories handed down as an oral tradition, including a tale, "North Wind, South Wind," referring to the last Ice Age and describing an ice weir (dam) collapsing on the Duwamish River.

Are Descendants of the Duwamish Still Living in or Near Tukwila?

Currently, members who identify as Duwamish are not officially recognized as a tribe by the United States government. Nevertheless, at least 600 individuals are enrolled as members and consider themselves Duwamish. They wrote and ratified a constitution, bylaws, and other legal foundations in 1925. The tribal members continue to live proudly as Duwamish, although their ancestors did not receive reservation land, even though Chief Seattle and other Duwamish leaders signed the Treaty of Point Elliott in the 1850s. The tribe bought land by the ancient settlement of Ha-AH-Poos in 2009 adjacent to the Duwamish River's mouth. Tribal members established a Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center on that location.

How Did the Duwamish Use the Land and Rivers?

Other indigenous people lived in Puget Sound-Strait of Georgia basin. They traded and perhaps intermarried with the Duwamish. Some individuals enrolled in the federally recognized Tulalip Tribes of Washington. Pre-contact villages were scattered. In the spring, the Duwamish foraged for salmonberry shoots and fiddlehead ferns. As they ripened, the people picked the following to eat fresh and to dry and combine with fat and protein (pemmican) for winter storage:

  • Thimbleberries
  • Salal
  • Raspberries
  • Salmonberries
  • Blackberries
  • Serviceberries
  • Strawberries
  • Huckleberries
  • Wapato

The Duwamish hunted and fished in the summer into fall, drying the proteins for later consumption:

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Crayfish
  • Freshwater mussels
  • Shellfish
  • Salmon (fished intensively from mid-summer through November, with evidence of the use of dams)

Winter food additions included:

  • Duck
  • Beaver
  • Muskrat
  • Raccoon
  • Otter
  • Bear

What Was Indigenous Housing Like?

The Duwamish built longhouses against the cold temperatures of the winter. During the spring, they were on the move and camped away from the longhouses until they returned for the salmon run. Over the winters, they improved their housing stock, created art, socialized and shared stories and oral traditions and ceremonies.

Did the Duwamish and Other Tribes Trade and Share?

Although other indigenous groups were known to plan raids on the Duwamish winter stores, evidence shows the tribe had an intricate trade and potlatch network that:

  • Distributed resources to areas where want was great and many required sustenance
  • Planned ceremonies and feasts that preceded possession sharing (potlatches)

Is Tukwila an Indigenous Name?

In Chinook jargon, Tukwila means nut, specifically hazelnut. "Chinook jargon" is a nearly extinct form of communication that indigenous peoples in the Northwest used to conduct trade. The origin of the city's name is celebrated even today, with Tukwila known as the Hazelnut City.

Can SERVPRO Provide Reliable Assistance as a Mold Removal Company in Tukwila?

Much like the multi-talented Duwamish, we offer our help as a mold removal company to Tukwila business owners. Coping with mold growth and resultant damage fits well within the provision of our core service of water and flood damage recovery. Our extensive experience with water damage and its restoration gives us a unique perspective on mold abatement.

What Is the Key to Mold Remediation?

No matter how well our highly-qualified crews respond to mold removal challenges, SERVPRO managers and technicians realize that mold growth cannot be avoided in a commercial building if moisture remains unmanaged. Mold spores exist everywhere, including inside your store, restaurant, office, or other business space. Fortunately, the spores cause few problems if they do not absorb moisture. Once water activates spores, they proliferate into ever-expanding colonies.

Is Elimination a Reasonable Goal for a Mold Removal Company?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the mold remediation standard for the US, used for schools and commercial buildings. They stress remediation of a mold problem rather than promising eradication because it is impossible to rid a home of all mold spores. What SERVPRO can do is

  • Locate the mold.
  • Contain the space where the mold grows to prevent drift of contaminants.
  • Remove the current mold colonies by
    • Scraping and brushing from solid surfaces.
    • Employing controlled abrasion with dry ice or soda to remove mold from porous materials and incapacitate deeply embedded hyphae (branching filaments of mold organisms).
  • Clean and disinfect the previously moldy surfaces using EPA-registered products to inhibit mold rebound.

How Do Mold Removal Companies Give Business Owners the Best Chance of New Outbreak Suppression?

Because of the clear connection between our work with water loss restoration and fungal damage issues, our mold removal company takes a long view. We inspect your commercial space looking for water damage vulnerability. Our familiarity with water loss mitigation and remediation results in comprehensive restoration actions that rid your business of exposure to leaks and breaks in pipes, structures, and appliances. We also offer general contracting services to repair and rehabilitate water and mold damage that cannot be restored without controlled demolition and rebuilding.

Have confidence that the management and crews from SERVPRO of Kent are among the best trained and equipped mold removal companies in the area. Call (253) 850-1500 to schedule an evaluation and planning session for mold remediation to get your business back on track.

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General: SERVPCS911LE

Thinking About Changing Your Job Focus in Kent?

12/27/2020 (Permalink)

a key with points analyzing SERVPRO is looking forward to the Thinkful Webinar about Data Analytics!

Enroll from the Comfort of Your Kent Abode for a Free Informational Virtual Seminar About Data Analytics -- See if This Dynamic Field Is a Good Fit for You

Are you growing stale in your current Kent job? Investigate data analytics, discovering what you need to launch a career in this competitive and rewarding field.

This online taste of the world of data analysis covers:

  • Why the demand for data analysts is significant.
  • How does a day in the life of a data analyst unfold.
  • What tools you need to succeed as a data analyst.

Register through Eventbrite.

  • Name of Course:  Thinkful Webinar | Data Analytics: Tools Of The Trade 
  • Date and time:     Wednesday, January 13, 2021

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Offered by Thinkful Seattle

Thinkful Webinar


Seattle, WA

Analyzing fire damage data to reach a positive restorative outcome is what SERVPRO of Kent does best. Call us at (253) 850-1500, so an office blaze does not derail your search for a rewarding new career.

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General: SERVPCS911LE

Family Law Orientation Seminar for Kent Residents

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

kent courthouse outside The Kent Municipal Courthouse gets help from SERVPRO for water damage mitigation

Low-Cost Training for Non-Represented Parties Attending Superior Court Family Law Cases

Should the need arise to attend family court for relocation, legal separation, dissolution of marriage, or parenting plan modification, there is a need to understand the procedures observed by non-represented parties.  Otherwise, it is possible to jeopardize one's interests by the time the case is concluded. Kent residents can benefit from the Family Law Orientation seminar organized by Maleng Regional Justice Center. Due to the current health restrictions, the seminar is conducted via email.

Some of the main aspects of the seminar include:

  • Training materials in PDF format sent directly to the participant's email address. Alternatively, one can receive printed materials if unable to access a computer. The materials are in English
  • A standard fee of $20 is charged but can be waived to $10 or $5 if you prove that you are in a dire position financially
  • A certificate of completion is issued after reading the materials and following the instructions provided.

You can book the next seminar on December 18 2020, or other future dates convenient to you.

SERVPRO of Kent helps with flood removal processes to restore Kent houses to their preloss state. Call us at (253) 850-1500 whenever you need assistance.

Every Tukwila Kid Can Cook

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

family preparing food on table Tukwila homes benefit from fire damage restoration if the kids burn up the kitchen. Be safe!

Zoom Lessons that Help Tukwila Kids Learn to Cook Healthy Recipes

The need to consume healthy foods is at an all-time high. Preparing food at home is one way to enhance nutritional intake since it is possible to choose the inputs and control the preparation methods. You can even teach your kids to cook as a fun way to learn useful life skills.  Alternatively, you can participate in a cooking event where kids learn to prepare meals independently. Every Kid Can Cook is a free online event that Tukwila kids aged 6-15 years can participate in right from home.

Some of the benefits of participating include:

  • Provision of nutritional charts so that kids aged 7-13 can understand the nutritional value of various foods
  • Access to the Boss Kids Cook, an online nutritional leadership program
  • Free ingredients list sent 5-7 days before the event

The cooking lessons are a monthly event. You can participate in the next one on December 17, 2020. The class starts at 3 PM and runs for one and a half hours.

SERVPRO of Kent helps clean up and perform other necessary fire damage mitigation processes in Tukwila homes. Watch your kids when they cook! Call us at (253) 850-1500 to assist you.

Highly Skilled Team That Helps Mitigate All Types of Water Damage in Kent Properties

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

beer in mug with hops plant nearby What do Hops and Beer have to do with water damage mitigation in Kent? Please read and enjoy this blog!

SERVPRO Sends Fully Equipped Water Mitigation Teams to Kent Properties When There is A Water Spill

You can consider Kent, WA, a rainy place since it receives 43 inches of rain per year, unlike the national average of 38 inches. However, it tends to receive less snow at only 6 inches a year, unlike the 28 inches average for the entire country. The months of July, August, and September are considered the most pleasant, while December and January are the most uncomfortable. The cosmopolitan city is set around forests, mountains, and a backdrop of water, and therefore the area has many trails to jog, walk or bike. Some of the popular trails include:

  • Soos Creek Park Trail Head, a 6-mile paved trail that goes through moderately wooded areas. You can expect to find joggers, walkers, bird-watchers, runners, and even skaters on this trail.
  • Green River trail runs mostly on the eastern bank of the green river. The Kent part of the trail is 10.46 miles and gives one a chance to view Mt. Rainier, birds, and other wildlife along the way. There are benches, picnic areas, and restrooms along the trail.
  • Clark Lake Park, which is 130 acres and includes various activity areas, including paths for walking and the lake where you can ride a boat. It is essential to note the part rules, including the prohibition of operating motor-powered boats and swimming.
  • Russel Woods Park is part of the Kent Valley Loop trails. There are designated parking areas and trails for walking or bicycling.

The Hop City

The city of Kent was incorporated in 1890, the second one in King County after Seattle. The name Kent was chosen because of the widespread production of Hops in the area in the 19th century and because Kent, England, was already well-known for the production of the same crop. Hops are a staple in beer production since the flower acts as an antibacterial during the production process. It also helps add bitterness and a pleasant aroma to the final product. Most of the world's supply at the time was sourced from Europe. However, in the 1860s, an aphid invasion destroyed the crops in Europe, leaving beer makers in trouble. Kent was chosen as the alternative source because of the abundance of fertile land and a valley close to a port.

The largescale production of hops introduced many changes in the area. For instance, the seasonal workers used to travel to the area to pick the crop during harvest time. The workers were from all spheres, including Native Americans, European-Americans, and Chinese. The need to transport the workers and the produce led to the development of railroads. Surprisingly the same thing that led to the boom caused the bust when aphids found their way into the area, devastating crops. However, the infrastructure remained, allowing the area to transition to other economic activities such as warehousing and manufacturing, helping sustain the locals even today. Currently, the town of Kent has a mix of an urban, suburban feel with a population estimate of slightly over 130,000 in 2019.

Renowned Warehouses in the Kent Area

Finding the right warehouse for business or personal use can be challenging. The presence of many warehouses in the Kent area makes it easy to find one that suits your needs perfectly. Some of the exceptional services warehouses offer include:

  • Short or long term storage of a wide range of materials ranging from foodstuffs to hazardous materials
  • Cargo palletizing, packaging, crating, trans-loading, and devanning.
  • Specialized storage such as temperature-controlled storage and distribution
  • Onsite laboratory and X-ray examination of packages

Some of the outstanding warehouse services in the area include United Warehouses located in the heart of the Kent valley. It has 30 truck docks and is served by the Union Pacific rail. There is over 190,000 square foot of space at the facility and is convenient to both the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle.

Northwest Harvest is another notable facility. It specializes in collecting food from businesses, foundations, and individuals and then distributing it to food banks, high-need schools, and meal programs all over the Washington state. The service came by when community leaders formed an interfaith organization named The Ecumenical Metropolitan Ministry (EMM), which sought to identify and address problems faced by the poor and disadvantaged in the community. When aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, cut down its workforce from 100,000 to slightly over 30,000, unemployment spiked from 2.9% to over 13% by 1971.  EMM opened 34 foodbanks as a short-term measure to counter the crisis. However, the initiative became permanent as other challenges, such as the 1982 food stamp cuts by the Reagan administration, developed. By 2013, distributions by Northwest Harvest had increased to 32 million pounds from 1 million in 1980. Apart from the collection of foodstuff, Northwest Harvest also accepts help from volunteers.

When Does SERVPRO Help with Water Mitigation in Kent Properties?

Water intrusions can affect Kent properties at any time, day or night. Such incidents can also happen when no one is around. After water spills, mitigation is necessary to remove standing water and address any damage to materials. However, depending on the period it takes to respond or the amount of water spilled, it might be impossible to fix some damages.  SERVPRO helps property owners find viable solutions for any kind of damage.

One of the main concerns after a water spill is moisture migration to cavities or hidden property sections. Removing such moisture is essential to prevent deterioration of materials or microbial growth, which leads to mold development. SERVPRO has IICRC certified Water Restoration Technicians who use various approaches to reach and remove such moisture, including:

  • Opening up cavities by drilling weep holes or making flood cuts
  • Removing soaked, porous materials such as drywall and insulation
  • Ventilating the wet cavities. The process involves blowing hot, dry air into the wet areas using air movers or specialized equipment

Where necessary, SERVPRO crews use advanced techniques such as freezing items or keeping them in heated areas to halt deterioration.

SERVPRO of Kent has experienced technicians who always examine the full scope of the loss before starting water mitigation processes in Kent properties. Call us at (253) 850-1500 when you need assistance.

Social Distance Does Not Slow Down Adventure-Lovers in Kent

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

Checkered flag If your property has been affected by a fire, call the experts at SERVPRO. We will race over to begin remediation efforts right away.

Pacific Raceways Gives a Fun and Exciting Option for Kent Residents Looking for Safe Entertainment

Kent enjoys the benefit of its proximity to Seattle and all it has to offer. Its residents also have access to some of the most beautiful hikes in the world, which invite retrospection and mindfulness. But if you like to live life on the edge, Pacific Raceways may be just what you’re looking for. Founded by Dan Fiorito Sr., its goal is to provide a safe environment for racing. The 2.25-mile track is especially attractive to drivers because of its rapid elevation change. Famous figures, like Mario Andretti, have raced at Pacific Raceways on their way to successful careers. If you are curious about racing but hesitant to try it, take a look at the Raceways’ calendar and register for racing school to hone your skills. Before you go, make sure to do the following:

  • You must reserve your spot for any event
  • Waivers are found on the website and must be signed before arriving
  • Karting, a drag strip, and sport driving are all part of the facility

Although we are not as fast as a race car driver, our SERVPRO of Kent team is speedy at arriving at any home or business needing fire damage cleanup. Whenever you need our services, call us at (253) 850-1500 and invite us to leave your place, “Like it never even happened.”

How Does SERVPRO Clean Up Flooded Properties?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Home floating in flood water Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include flood damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Employs Numerous Cutting Edge Tools and Innovative Procedures to Clean Up Flooded Homes in Kent.

The Seattle area, of which Kent is a part, is known for its excessive rainfalls.  This, coupled with springtime mountain snow melts, make the region prone to flooding.  When floods occur, local homeowners need help fast.  

What Technologically Advanced Equipment Does SERVPRO Use to Resolve Flood-Related Issues?

When our Kent flood cleanup technicians arrive at your home, they quickly employ various cutting edge tools to rid your residence of floodwaters and their harmful contaminants.  The following is a list of some of the gear our professionals use to remediate your flood damage:

Professional-grade extractors, wet vacs, and submersible pumps that can rapidly remove standing floodwaters from your house

Sensitive moisture sensors and meters, infrared cameras, and thermohygrometers that can precisely identify interior areas impacted by excessive moisture levels

Powerful high-velocity fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers that can effectively dry moisture-laden air and materials

Injectidry systems that can dry difficult-to-access places behind baseboards, walls, and ceilings

A wide assortment of EPA-approved disinfectants and deodorants to eliminate harmful microorganisms and neutralize foul odors

Thermal and ultra-low volume foggers that can treat flood-impacted air and materials with chemical agents

SERVPRO, with its extensive arsenal of high-tech remediation equipment, is often able to return your residence to its pre-flood condition in record time.

Flooding, particularly in the spring, is something that is not all that uncommon in our area.  It can arise without much warning and result from more than one cause.  Excessive rains, sudden large mountain snow melts, or a combination of the two, are common culprits.  However, they can also be triggered by earthquakes and tsunamis.  Whatever their cause, local homeowners should always be prepared for potential flooding events.   

If you are ever unfortunate enough to experience flooding, remember that your neighbors at SERVPRO of Kent are always here to help you.  Contact us at (253) 850-1500.

Does Household Air-freshener Get Rid of Burnt Odors in Kent?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Tackling smoke and odor can be a massive challenge without professional assistance.

Dealing with Fire and Odor Damage Requires Powerful Cleaning and Deodorizing Agents. SERVPRO Assists Kent Residents with Fire Odor Issues.

Why is air-freshener bad for fire odors?
The presence of burning smells in your Kent home after a fire can be persistent and unpleasant. A housefire releases a considerable amount of gases and chemical compounds into your home. Some of these gases may be volatile odor particles that remain due to a lack of indoor ventilation. Masking agents, like air-freshener, are rarely the primary method that SERVPRO odor control technicians (OCT) use to bring an odor under control. Fire odors typically linger in a property due to volatility, which describes how quickly liquids change to a gas. A burning smell is full of highly volatile particles, which results in a stubborn odor that does not disappear after using air-fresheners.

What affects fire odors in the home?
    •    The volatility of microscopic odor particles
    •    Presence of moisture which can increase the perception of odors
    •    Porous materials in the home which can absorb odor particles

What chemicals control fire and burnt smoke aromas?
If air-freshener does not get rid of fire and odor damage in your Kent home, then you can resort to more powerful control agents. SERVPRO technicians frequently use pairing agents in combination with air-fresheners to tackle odor appropriately. Pairing agents bond with odor particles on a chemical level. Some of these pairing agents are humectant and cause odor particles to fall onto surfaces where they can be wiped away. Other pairing agents change the properties of an odor molecule neutralizing or destroying the odor.

What are other odor chemicals used in fire restoration?
    •    Enzymes that can digest and break down organic materials such as protein smoke residues and odor.
    •    Air purification uses an electronically charged grid to kill any odor-causing micro-organisms.
    •    Oxidizing substances are usually reserved for severe fire situations because inhabitants cannot remain on-site during an ozone generator operation.

Tackling smoke and odor can be a massive challenge without professional assistance. Contact SERVPRO of Kent at (253) 850-1500.