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Why Is Soda Blasting Good for Kent Mold Remediation?

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

mold in home Mold will spread like wildfire within hours. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified for any size mold remediation service needed.

SERVPRO uses the best technology for Kent mold remediation

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, from your bathroom and kitchen to the attic and basement. Wherever there is a fungus, there is the potential for spores to escape and start new colonies. That is why it is vital to get help with mold growth as soon as you spot it.

If you need mold remediation in your Kent home, choose a service that uses the best and latest technology. SERVPRO has many methods at our disposal, but one advantageous mold remediation technique is soda blasting. Soda blasting:

  • Uses tiny particles of baking soda to scrub away mold colonies.
  • Is well-suited to exposed brickwork or wood, such as in the attic or crawl space.
  • Does not use toxic chemicals or other nasties.
  • Deodorizes as it cleans for a fresh and polished result.

Soda blasting is much gentler than some other popular media blasting methods, such as sandblasting, making it suitable for use in your home. Our IICRC certified technicians also take care of drying and deodorizing your house and belongings.

If you need trustworthy mold remediation, call SERVPRO of Kent at (253) 850-1500.

What Information Do We Need for Kent Water Mitigation?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher leaking water Appliances tend to leak water at the wrong times. Call SERVPRO and let their techs do the dirty work for you.

SERVPRO acts fast when Kent residents need water mitigation

If you have water in your home, whether from an appliance breakage, sewage backup, or bad weather, it is essential to call SERVPRO as soon as you can. Time matters when dealing with water problems – the longer water is left, the more damage it can do.

When you call SERVPRO about water mitigation in your Kent home, it helps to have some information on hand. Our agents will ask you about:

  • Your personal details – name, address, phone number.
  • Your insurance information.
  • When the water damage happened, and what caused it.
  • Whether there is an electricity supply at your home.

The more information we have, the better prepared we are to arrive at your house. You can rely on SERPVRO to arrive quickly (within four hours) and fully equipped to deal with the situation. Our team will bring pumps to remove water, monitoring equipment to assess the extent of the damage, and disinfecting agents and deodorizers to make your home safe and clean once more.

For quick, reliable help with water mitigation, call SERVPRO of Kent at (253) 850-1500.

What Happens to Houseplants During Kent Fire Restoration?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fire damage homes is very frustrating. SERVPRO has the manpower and experience needed for your home's restoration.

SERVPRO understands the fire restoration worries of Kent homeowners

Kent is a green and lovely city in Washington. With over seventy parks and the Pacific Northwest's beauties never far away, Kent is the ideal destination for enjoying the good life. You can explore outdoor locations, take in the local arts and culture, or stop off for some delicious local eats.

A settler named Samuel Russell first came to Kent in 1853. Several others followed him quickly, and a small town soon sprang up. At first, the settlers named the area Titusville after one of their party. You can still see a "Titusville Station" sign in the city, on Gowe Street. At first, Kent was a farming community, especially after farmers discovered that hops were lucrative. Later, Kent became well known for its lettuce and dairy (it was once home to a significant Carnation Milk plant.)

Today, Kent is a major center for manufacturing. Several large companies have facilities in the city, including Boeing, Amazon, and General Electric.

Enjoy the taste of local cuisine.

Kent boasts a great food culture, with festivals throughout the year and plenty of wonderful places to get a bite to eat. Kent offers something for every palate. While you're in town, why not try out:

  • The downtown area has all the restaurants you could need, serving everything from traditional bistro fare to fresh sushi and cuisine from around the world.
  • Farmer's markets and local growers give a truly local flavor. You can visit a local distillery, pick your own farm, or cute cafes specializing in local food.
  • From alehouses to tap houses to wineries, Kent offers an array of locally produced beverages.

If you are craving something sweet, be sure to stop off at Sweet Themes Bakery, where you can enjoy handmade themed cookies. You can buy themed cookie boxes, such as mermaids or dinosaurs, that come with icing and sprinkles for the kids (and adults!) to decorate with.

Take in some arty vibes.

Kent has plenty of museums and galleries. Why not explore:

  • Third Thursday Art Walks, where you can view art, listen to live music, and enjoy street food galore. There are also free kids' activities.
  • Rusty Raven Studio features contemporary art by local creators and runs regular kids' workshops.
  • The Hydroplane & Raceboat museum features an impressive collection of vintage hydroplanes, and you can even view rare racing footage.
  • The Pickleball Museum. Kent is the home of Pickleball, and the museum teaches you all about the sport. Come and see original Pickleball equipment from the 1960s.

What happens to plants during fire restoration?

Anyone unfortunate enough to suffer a home fire knows that smoke and soot stains get everywhere. This includes your houseplants. SERVPRO takes care of everything that matters to you during restoration, and that includes your plants.

We cannot do much if a plant has been burned. However, there are some things we can do:

  • Gently clean leaves with a mild soapy solution to remove soot and grime.
  • HEPA vacuum loose soot from larger plants.
  • Move your plants somewhere safe when using ozone generators, which are great for deodorizing but cannot be used around plants, pets, or people.

If you need help with fire restoration, call SERVPRO of Kent at (253) 850-1500.

How Do Kent Fire Damage Removal Services Like SERVPRO Do Their Work?

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged property Fire restoration is no DIY project. SERVPRO techs are trained and ready 24/7 365 days a year.

Local Fire Damage Removal Companies Complete Their Work in Various Ways.

When your home is damaged by a fire, you want to clean up the mess as soon as possible. This requires both the right equipment and techniques to do it right. 

When local Kent fire damage removal companies like SERVPRO work to clean up your home’s fire damage, they employ all the latest cutting-edge equipment and time-tested procedures. These measures often enable us to return your residence to its pre-fire condition in as little time as possible. A few of the specific tools and procedures our professionals use are:

  • Dry cleaning sponges to clean up non-grease-based residues
  • Wet cleaning methods to remove oily residues and those on wooden, painted, and metal surfaces
  • Abrasive techniques for clearing up hard, caked-on residues
  • The peroxide active cleaning technique to wipe away heavy soiling on fragile surfaces
  • HVAC cleaning systems to sanitize ductwork and eliminate odors
  • Air scrubbers and ozone machines to clear/neutralize odorous smoke particles in the air

So, if you ever need fire damage removal services, call SERVPRO of Kent at (253) 850-1500 for assistance.

Tukwila’s Notoriously Stormy Weather Often Causes Local Homeowners Problems.

2/27/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged laundry room Water damage restoration is no easy task. SERVPRO has the man power and experience for any size job.

Water Damage Restoration May Be Necessary on Area Homes After Strong Storms.

As many know, Tukwila and other parts of the Greater Seattle - Puget Sound region tend to be among the rainiest and windiest areas of the United States. Unfortunately, this natural circumstance has caused local homeowners and businesses numerous costly issues over the years. These problems have resulted from everything from leaky roofs and clogged drainage systems to full-blown roof collapses. When these troublesome weather-related catastrophes occur, Tukwila residents and business owners generally suffer substantial water damage. Fortunately, though, there are often ways to prevent or mitigate the worst issues caused by rainwater and strong winds. 

The Unique Weather of Tukwila

Two primary things, a high average annual rainfall and the potential for strong windstorms, set Tukwila’s weather apart from that of other regions. According to national weather statistics, the city’s average annual precipitation is over forty inches. This average annual precipitation is greater than that of either Washington State or the nation as a whole. As far as windstorms go, this community is much more prone to them than others across America. In the Puget Sound region, storms with winds exceeding fifty miles an hour are a yearly occurrence, and those having winds of more than sixty miles an hour pass through every five-to-ten years. Together, these two weather characteristics make structures in Tukwila much more susceptible to water damage than those in other areas. 

The Telltale Signs of Water Damage

Local weather can damage your property in various ways, some more conspicuous than others. However, regardless of what causes it, homeowners can identify water damage by looking for the following common signs:

How Local Homeowners Attempt to Safeguard Their Homes from Water Damage

Most Tukwila residents understand the risks of living in this fine community and take appropriate steps to protect their homes from potential water damage. Some of the actions locals most often take to prevent or limit potential rainwater-related destruction are:

  • Cutting down overhanging tree limbs before forecasted storms
  • Properly cleaning and maintaining gutters and drainage networks
  • Periodically having their house professionally inspected for issues 

Call SERVPRO of Kent, one of the best water damage restoration companies in your area, at (253) 850-1500 for assistance.

How Does SERVPRO Restore Your Water-Damaged Tukwila Residence?

Shortly after arriving at your Tukwila home, SERVPRO technicians quickly get to work on returning your property to its original condition. Our skilled professionals clean up and restore your residence by:

  • Swiftly locating water sources with moisture sensors and infrared cameras and then blocking them
  • Rapidly removing standing water with powerful extractors and wet vacs
  • Using air mover-dehumidifier networks to dry your home’s interiors
  • Employing Injectidry systems to dry difficult-to-access areas
  • Treating interior areas and materials with state-of-the-art foggers that dispense EPA-approved disinfectants and deodorants

With all this in mind, if you ever suffer water damage, remember that water damage restoration companies like SERVPRO of Kent can help. Call us anytime at (253) 850-1500.

What Makes SERVPRO Great at Mitigating Flood Damage in Kent?

2/27/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Floods can be hard to fix. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified for any size flood damage restoration service needed.

We are Skilled at Neutralizing Microbes Responsible for Long-Term Flood Damage. 

The destruction caused by floodwaters is usually much more severe than clean water damage because of the harmful microbes these polluted waters carry. Luckily, SERVPRO is highly experienced at eliminating these microscopic threats. 

Not all Kent flood damage remediation services specialize in or are skilled at eliminating the destructive microorganisms associated with flooding. However, as professionally certified microbial remediators, our technicians have years of experience in effectively dealing with these difficult to eradicate flood-related problems. Also, just as important, they have all the most advanced equipment and techniques to do the job efficiently. Some of the many tools SERVPRO has at its disposal are:

  • Professional-grade hazardous waste removal equipment
  • Dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture that microbes thrive on
  • Injectidry systems that similarly dry areas behind structural elements
  • Cutting edge thermal and ultra-low volume foggers that treat impacted areas with chemical agents
  • A host of EPA-approved disinfectants and antifungals that can eliminate harmful flood-related microorganisms

With all that said, contact SERVPRO of Kent at (253) 850-1500 whenever you need help recovering from flood damage.

Mold Removal Options for Tukwila Homes

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

mold covered furniture and walls Mold remediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC trained professionals for any size mold job. Leave it to the pros.

Eliminating active mold colonies requires several strategies in residences. 

With the natural humidity in the Pacific Northwest, towns like Tukwila feature many homes that continually contend with mold and microbial threats. In lower-lying areas like the basement or sellers of these properties, damp conditions can facilitate naturally occurring mold spores on organic matter. While this might seem like a common occurrence, these organisms' presence can be damaging to the property and create health effects for those exposed.

Removing Mold from Tukwila Homes 

Remediation seeks to eliminate active colonization, which differs from other mold removal companies in Tukwila. Our professionals understand that your time and money are valuable commodities, which encourage an efficient and direct solution for active colonization when it exists. Remediation involves several approaches working simultaneously to protect as much of the installed structural elements as possible. Some of these techniques include:

  • Surface sanding
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Antimicrobial cleaning
  • Controlled demolition

Mold can be a threat to your home when you do nothing to overcome it. Let our SERVPRO of Kent remediators help by calling (253) 850-1500.

Removing Floodwater from Carpeting in Kent Homes

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

flood damaged office floating furniture. Flood damage mitigation isn't just a one day affair of cleanup. SERVPRO has the technicians and equipment for any size job.

Protecting Flooring Can Be a Challenge for Mitigators After Flooding

Flooding is a rapidly developing situation that threatens many Kent homes every year. As storm damage restoration specialists, we have a team devoted to responding quickly to these emergencies to provide efficient water removal and cleanup solutions. When flooding occurs in a home, protecting installed elements requires immediate water removal efforts.

Carpet Extraction Solutions 

With carpeting being a typical installation in homes, it is natural that flood damage in Kent properties impacts these materials often. While there are multiple solutions for surface water concerns like pooling, including both wet vacuums and submersible pumps, eliminating trapped moisture in flooring materials becomes a more intricate process. To accomplish this, we must utilize special extraction tools in our recovery inventory, including:

  • Carpet wands
  • Weighted extractors
  • Light wands
  • Ride-on extraction units

Overcoming flood loss in your home requires multiple mitigation actions taken immediately by our experienced SERVPRO of Kent team. Let us help make flood losses “Like it never even happened,” when you call (253) 850-1500.

Fast Water Mitigation for Damaged Kent Businesses

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Water damage can stop business dead in its tracks. SERVPRO will have your company up and running in no time.

Protecting Kent stores and complexes involves a fast response to situations like water disasters.

Because of its positioning between Seattle and Tacoma, Kent has become one of these larger cities' most prominent bedroom communities. As the city continues to grow and expand, so do elements like the arts, culture, and entertainment sectors. The increase in population has brought about multiple possibilities in both live entertainment and sporting compounds, allowing area residents to support local franchises serving as farm teams for professional leagues. Kent has also hosted well-recognized competitions such as the famed Skate America contest held in 2012 and the inaugural Junior Roller Derby World Cup in 2015.

Kent has become so well recognized as a sports and entertainment city that the globally read Sports Illustrated honored it with Sportstown of the Year for Washington in 2003. Shortly after that, development began on a massive entertainment center known as Kent Station in the downtown area.

Entertainment and Attractions of Kent 

  • Kent Cornucopia Days – This is a considerable attraction in the summer, as many flock to Kent to participate in this festival. The event features a parade, dragon boat race, a street fair, and other forms of live entertainment that can keep attendees occupied all day long. 
  • Kent Station Complex – Constructed in 2006, this is one of downtown Kent's entertainment complexes. This massive structure features multiple shopping, dining, and services to suit all of its visitors. Throughout the year, this station hosts many events and special gatherings.
  • ShoWare Center – With athletics being such a staple of the town, we take pride in this venue. This is the home of the Seattle Thunderbirds of the Western Hockey League and the Major Arena Soccer League's Tacoma Stars.

The Fame of Kent Around the World 

It is no great surprise that Kent has captured such renown as a location known for sports and athletic competition. Some of the city's most famous residents have gone on to become well-known and regarded sports entities. Some of these include:

  • Ely Allen – MLS
  • Earl Anthony – Professional bowling
  • Red Badgro – NFL and MLB
  • Karl Best – MLB
  • Demetrius Bronson – NFL
  • Ernie Conwell – NFL
  • John Bronson – NFL
  • Billy Crook – MLS
  • Michael Dickerson - NBA

Restoring Kent Businesses Quickly After Water Disasters 

Taking care of Kent businesses and commercial properties after water disasters requires a fast and deliberate response from experienced professionals like our SERVPRO team. Getting mitigation started immediately can protect your inventory, customers, and employees exposed to these potentially disastrous conditions.

Some of the mitigation options for damaged warehouses and larger commercial structures include truck-mount extractors and self-priming trash pumps. Removing several inches or feet of standing water quickly can help to manage significant loss incidents and get your facility open and operating in a limited capacity while restoration continues.

Despite how fast water losses can impact your business, our SERVPRO of Kent team can provide 24/7 support. We are available anytime you need us at (253) 850-1500.

When You Need Something New to Amp Up the Energy at Home in Kent, Use Your Noodle

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

a mother and daughter working out together at home It will be exciting to see the community participating in virtual workouts!

Macaroni Kids in Kent Offers Virtual Child-Friendly “PE Workouts with Joe” for Parents Looking for Stay-at-Home Movement Options for Everyone in the Household

When your kids are bursting with pent-up energy this winter, both you and they need a release that doesn’t break the bank -- or the furniture. Consider the library of “PE Workouts with Joe” featured on Macaroni Kids. Creative and funny, Joe leads anyone who dares through short, easy to do videos planned to get heart rates up and the giggles going.

  • Navigate to Macaroni Kids and search for: 

Virtual Event Get a Workout with Your Kids at Home

Everybody can get their wiggle on and have fun with the engaging Joe and his goofy and good-for-you routines.

  • Date and time:        February 3, 2021

9:30 am

Let SERVPRO of Kent do the heavy lifting when your business needs to “pump it out” and dry your commercial building during flood cleanup. Phones answer year-round, 24 hours a day at (253) 850-1500. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.