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Tracking Down Water Leaks With Confidence | SERVPRO of Kent

3/22/2024 (Permalink)

Leaky Appliance causing home damage. Are you dealing with the aftermath of home water damage? SERVPRO of Kent is here for the rescue. Call us now!

You are going about your day and walk into your utility room to grab something, only to be surprised by soaked socks and a floor full of water. Did someone simply knock over the dog’s water bowl, or is the cause something more sinister?

Discovering a puddle or a potential water leak can be really frustrating. Not only can it be tricky to track down the source, but it can also quickly lead to further issues if you don’t act fast. Knowing where to look can help you identify the source of water leaks quicker so you can stay in control.

Be an Investigator
You will have to do a little investigation around your home in order to find the source of water leaks. Water has the sneaky ability to infiltrate the smallest gaps and cracks, which can easily lead to water that gets behind your walls or under your floors. Start looking around windows, doors, skylights or any place in your home that has direct access to the outside.

Another common place for water leaks to occur is around your pipes. Water pipes are all over your home and are constantly circulating water or bringing it in and out of your house. A simple loose connection or faulty line can lead to serious water troubles. Check your pipe connections regularly and recaulk seals as necessary. 

The Threat of Appliances

We all rely heavily on our appliances to tackle the jobs we don’t want to do ourselves. After all, who has time to hand-wash laundry or do all of the dishes yourself? 

While we rely on them, appliances like dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines have the potential to leak at any time. If you notice a drip coming from the bottom of an appliance or smell the musty odor of mold, it’s time to pull the machine away from the wall to have a look.

If you do discover the leak is coming from one of your appliances, shut off power to the machine right away to turn it off and then shut the water valve to ensure water cannot keep flowing onto the floor. After that, pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Kent!

Why a Professional Restoration Matters 

You might think you have it under control by simply mopping up the water, but unfortunately, that might not be enough. Depending on how long the water was sitting before it was discovered, it could have leaked under your floorboards or behind your walls, and that moisture can be really hard or even impossible to dry out on your own. 

Our team has the tools and proper drying equipment to make sure your entire space is dried. Our air movers and blowers will get right to work and we can use our thermal imaging cameras to track down even the smallest amount of residual moisture. When we are through, our team will address any repairs if the water compromised your home or damaged it in any way.

Water leaks can cause serious water damage in your home. Call SERVPRO of Kent to handle your entire restoration. 

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