Storm Damage Photo Gallery

green device on hardwood floor, some removed, bare studs for walls

Storm Flooded Demolition in Maple Valley

The large LGR dehumidifier is completing the drying as an almost last step before the build back can start in this Maple Valley property. Much of the walls and hardwood floorboards could not be salvaged. A controlled demolition by skilled SERVPRO technicians can reduce the need for new materials.

flood cuts on drywall and wood panes, vanity removed revealing plumbing

Tukwila Flooded House

The groundwater flooded the lower level of this house in Tukwila. The contaminated water soaked into the wall panels and the lower cabinets ruining them. Our team at SERVPRO can remove and discard the damaged items and then remove the remaining water and dry out the rooms before applying the final disinfecting agent. Count on our crew to get it done right.

spotted carpet and walls with mold growth

Tukwila Storm Means Mold

Groundwater flooding contains organic matter and mold spores as it soaks into the carpet and walls of a Tukwila home. When the contaminated liquid is not quickly extracted from the structure, this visual is often the result. SERVPRO technicians can remove ruined drywall and carpeting before spraying an antimicrobial agent prior to a build back.

Operations Station During Storm

SERVPRO is ready whenever a storm hits the Seattle Area!  Our operations staff documents every piece of equipment and every hour logged in on a job.

Quality Service and Documentation is what sets us apart from many companies.

Temporary Power During Storms

Having Temporary Power Distribution is key during a storm when power is often out.  Using a Generator for temporary power or tapping into another power panel to keep the job going is just one of the ways SERVPRO gets you back as soon as possible.

Heat Drying for Storm Losses

SERVPRO has mobile high heat units to dry out structures damaged by Storms.  Having the equipment located inside our facility means quicker deployment to properties that are in need of technical drying.